Our Ministry

We nurture your believers with the “hope that the young brothers and sisters will see these two things - God wants to have a throne on earth and a habitation on the earth. The throne speaks of His ruling, and the habitation speaks of the expression of His glory”.

Picture of bearing remaining fruits

The Church in Canberra puts strong emphasis on taking care of our high school and campus students (both local and from overseas). Throughout the centuries, God has gained many your believers for His instrumental move to turn the age, to usher in His kingdom on the earth and ultimately consummate His Body as the New Jerusalem for His eternal expression and glory. Just as Samuel turned the age of the priesthood to the age of the kingship and Daniel turned the age of captivity to the age of return, we believe the Lord will use your believers to spread His Word in their schools and campuses to turn the present age to the coming age of the kingdom. Praise the Lord for the young priests and kings amongst us.