3 ways to access the ministry books

Below are instructions on how to access the ministry books published by the Living Stream Ministry:

1. Printed books

Printed publications and books are available for purchase from Stream Publications Australia.

How to order printed books:

Option 1: Email the book title to churchincanberra@gmail.com

Option 2: Order directly from Stream Publications Australia website at https://streampublications.com.au/

2. Electronic books

Electronic publications and books are available for purchase on various Living Stream Ministry stores.

3. Subscription access to ministrybooks.org website

Ministrybooks.org website offers free access to complimentary titles such as Life-Studies. For other publication titles, access requires a paid subscription

  • To register for a subscription, visit https://www.ministrybooks.org

  • Note: The subscription service charges in U.S. dollars through debit or credit card. The church is not responsible for this service, nor can offer any support for enquiry.

  • This video introduces how the subscription and its study features work: https://www.ministrybooks.org/media/MinistryBooks.org_06.mp4